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You've got bone broth... now what?

How long did your pot hang out on the stove? I went back 15 hours later to a beautiful, rich, amber colored broth full of flavor and all the benefits of bones! You can certainly enjoy your broth as is, or make your favorite soup, or freeze it for later use. I made ramen.

It is up in the air who is to credit for the creation of ramen, the Chinese or Japanese. Either way, making broth from bones is a practice 10's of generations old, mostly for financial necessity over health benefits. Utilizing every part of the animal was most economical in any household including bones, tendons and marrow. Depending on who you ask, the broth and the noodles battle for which is more important in a bowl of ramen. If you ever have the opportunity to have hand stretched, made from scratch noodles, do it- its unbelievable to watch, and to eat. That being said, I'll say the broth in my bowl is #1, because well, I didn't make my own noodle. I purchase the noodles in the plastic bag, you know, the ones from college with the packet of MSG in it? I prefer the organic ones, and not because they are organic, I just find they hold up in the broth better, and don't dissolve like the cup-o-noodles ones. I also love a huge platter of vegetables, and of course, the pulled meat from your broth.

Lets start with veggies!! You'll want to quick blanch all of your veggies ahead of time, to make service super quick and easy. Its a great way to serve a crowd, or just get your family involved in the making of their own bowl. Set up a pretty platter of all your veggies, and let people pick and choose! To blanch your veggies, grab a small pot of water, bring it to a boil with some salt. I like to just use my sink, but you can use a bowl, and have some ice water set aside. I like to cut my snow peas in half, and cut the bottom of bok choy off so the individual leaves can separate themselves. Cook in the boiling water for about 60-90 seconds. Just enough to get that super bright green color, and barely soften the stalks on the bok choy. To stop the cooking process, drop the vegetables right into the ice water before putting on your platter. Slice carrots thinly, again, so they just barely cook in the blanching water, but still have a crunch in your bowl. You can now dump your blanching water, and in the same pot, add just a swirl of canola oil, and give a quick but very hot saute to your mushrooms. I love using shiitakes, crimini, and maitake mushrooms. They have a nice variety of textures, but add extra savory flavor to your bowl. I also add a healthy tablespoon of minced garlic to the mushrooms too- just because. I also love tofu- I know, it's crazy, a beef farmer's wife, and I like tofu. But hey, it's a great protein, and it just adds another texture but it absorbs all the flavor of the broth. Just try it! Perhaps my favorite addition to my ramen bowl is a ton of fresh herbs. Cilantro, mint, and scallions add such bright and bold flavors to the soup, and really freshen everything up. Finish with a healthy squirt of lime, a splash of soy sauce and dash of sriracha, you'll be drooling in no time!

It wasn't until I posted this last picture I forgot the final addition to a bowl of ramen. The soft boiled egg. I have boiled probably thousands of eggs in my life. In my opinion, I love a runny, soft egg on my ramen. Ideally, you'll put the noodles in the bowl first, then all your veggies on top, and ladle boiling broth over the top. You can break your egg into that broth, stir it in, and the yolk will thicken the broth, coat some veggies and add even more rich, delicious flavor to your bowl. Really though, just look at that.

OMgosh, I need thirds.

We each get a dish towel bib, chop sticks and a spoon. Slurping is MORE than encouraged, and all part of the experience. This is bound to heat you up from the inside out. Enjoy!

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