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When Dreams Grow Big!

Our dreams started as a seed. When we got together back in 2013, we talked about The Kitchen; combining his farming and her cooking and here it is! Thank you for choosing us, and supporting out family, it truly means the world to us. Most everything you eat at The Kitchen, was grown or raised right here. If we didn't grow it, one of our neighbors did. Everything else you can buy here was made by the hands of a talented local artist within Connecticut, or Worcester area. 

This building in which our dreams reside came to life by our neighbors, friends, and other small businesses in the quiet corner. We are proud of their work, and their time spent making it reality. Please enjoy these photos of our progress, and visit our store front for beef, pork, home grown canned goods, and coming soon- prepared meals!



Sunday: 10am-3 (or when the kids have had enough)

Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm

Saturday: 10am-4pm

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