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The evolution of a New Boston Beef roast begins 2 years before it hits your oven, but once it does, it's magical. 

 "I have been a customer of New Boston Beef since I moved to New England over 5 years ago. I am an Executive Chef by trade and am passionate about knowing where my food comes from. I have personally toured Fabyan Farm in Thompson, CT and have seen these beautiful grass fed animals. In my humble opinion grass fed is the only way to go when it comes to quality beef. It is a flavor profile unlike any other.

       This past Christmas I prepared a 10lb bone in rib roast from NBB, my guests were blown away at how amazing this beef was. It was the star of our holiday table and will continue to be for years to come." 


Brendan Newhart

Thank you so much Brendan! We are so happy to hear your guests were also happy- although we can only take so much credit when an Executive Chef is at the stove! We also think our tiniest cheerleader is pretty cute too!


"We've been buying beef from New Boston Beef at our local farmer's market for the past few years, it's absolutely the best of the best! Everything we have got from the hamburgers to t-bones to short ribs have been absolutely fabulous, mouth watering, fall off the bone greatness! If you want to taste the best beef around, do yourself a favor and try these guys for sure :)"

Michael Pennington-Martel

Mike- thanks so much for your review, and your pictures! Next time you make those short ribs though... invite the farmer! 


"NBB beef is amazing. The ground beef turns out the best burgers, as well as meatloaf and my favorite pasta sauce! The hot sausage is delicious. I use it for pasta and our favorite sausage, peppers and onions. So many steaks to talk about, but my personal favorites are the strip steak and flank steak. Strip steak on the grill is the best, no matter if its 80 degrees outside or snowing! Flank steak marinated, grilled and served with grilled veggies - ahhh so yummy. Your products are great - you don't need to change a thing!"


Thank you Wendy! We also love your idea of adding NBB hot sausage to a big pot of summer ratatouille! 


From Other Happy Customers:

"Every single cut of meat tried has been beyond tasty and beyond expectations!"


Mike Pennington-Martel


"Finally cooked the steak from Jon. Best f***ing thing ever!!!"

Susan Devlin

"Best sausage! Was worth the money. Can't wait to try more products!"


Christine Benetti

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