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        Purchase by the Hanging Weight

What does this mean? Hanging weight is the

weight of the beef animal after it has been field

dressed but before it has been aged, cut, packaged

and frozen. Why use the hanging measurement?

We use this weight measurement because we are not

selling individual retail cuts but instead are selling

by the quarter, half, or whole animal, and are able to pass along that discount to you! 

What do you get? The answer to this question will vary a little based on 

     a. the weight of the animal

     b. how you choose to have things cut and packaged

         1. if you choose to have steaks cut 2 inches thick, you will have less quantity of them if you chose to cut them 1 inch thick. 

         2. you can't have a porterhouse steak and still get tenderloin steaks. You'll get about 3# of tenderloin from the "tail" end of the primal. 

That all being said, what I can ESTIMATE you'll get on a HALF animal based on exactly (an average hanging weight is about 800#) how I have them cut for retail is:

80# Ground Beef

20# Stew Meat

16# Brisket, available whole or cut

15# Short Ribs

16# Rib Steaks

20# Porterhouse and T-bone

3# Tenderloin 

15# Sirloin

2# Flank

3# Skirt

8# Tips

18# Top Round, steaks or roasts or a combo. 

6# Eye Round

25# Chuck, steaks or roasts or a combo.

8# London Broil

10# Shank

The animals all come back with packages of soup bones. If you don't want certain roasts you can put more into ground beef or stew meat. There is an additional $1 per pound charge if you'd like sausage, or to have burger turned into patties. Patties are packaged in 1/3#, and 3 to a package, (25# minimum).

How much does it cost? 

$6.50 per pound hanging weight. I won't know what your bulk order costs until the animal has been shipped and processing has begun. A ballpark estimate based on average animal hanging weight of 800#

$1,300 for a quarter - take home is 100-125#

$2,600 for a half - take home is 200-250#

$5,200 for a whole - take home is about 500# 

During the summer, I process animals every other week, and the lead time on hanging weight purchases is anywhere from 2 weeks to 1 month. I process less often during the winter, but will ship for bulk purchases. All animals hang for 2 weeks so the lead time will never be quicker than that per the processing plants standards, my hauling schedule and other scheduling factors to support market business. 

Butcher's Cuts

We are thrilled to support another small family business for processing our beef.

 Lemays and Sons in Goffstown, NH. For me, the extra effort of traveling further and maintaining the 14+ year relationship I have with them is of the utmost importance in trusting where my beef goes. I know my animals are respected, and treated with dignity, and the skilled cutters are always consistent giving you high quality product time and time again.

(Click Lemay's logo to the to see their website.)

(Click the cow for the cut sheet.)

Ready to Pay?

Pay your hanging weight deposit

or your CSA right here:


or, please make check payable to

New Boston Beef

9 Fabyan Woodstock Road

North Grosvenordale, CT 06255

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