Ground Beef


85/15% - packed in 1#ish packages 

Ground beef patties

$10 each

3 patties/package. 1/3rd pound burgers. 



Strip + Tenderloin, on the bone. 



On the bone strip steak + some tenderloin 



Fred Flintstone steak, on the bone. 



My favorite cut. Thick, juicy and delicious. Boneless. 



BBQ Favorite on the smoker or grill. Point or Flat available. 4-5pounds each. 

Short Ribs


Meaty, fall off the bone, melt in your mouth amazing. 2-3 ribs per package, cut 3 inches long, 

Eye Round


Delicious roast, small enough for a weeknight meal.

Top Round


Think roast beef! 

Rib Roast


The butcher will remove the rack and retie it back onto the meat so that your slicing will be easy and clean, but you benefit from all the bones offer with flavor and juice. A special occasion and holiday favorite.



Classic fajita cut, great in stir fry. 



Excellent slicing steak. Main course, on a salad or for fajitas. 

London Broil


Family Steak. Usually about 2+ pounds each. 

Steak Tips


Tender and delicious



Family steak, usually about 2# each



aka Fillet Mignon. 



Classically cut, straight forward. 

Stew Meat / Kabob


Same meat, but Kabobs are cut a bit bigger than stew during the summer months for grilling. 1 pound-ish packages. 

Italian Sausage


Hot or Sweet available- the "hot" is crushed red pepper flakes. The "sweet" just isn't hot, there is no maple or anything that makes it breakfast sausage. It is a family recipe from the processing house, Lemay and Sons. 3, sometimes 4 links in a package. All natural pork casing. 



Thats right. Beef Kielbasa. And it's ahhhhmazing. Seriously. Just buy it. 3 links to a package. 



Give 'em to your dog, or make soup. Someone in your house will be very happy! Some have more meat left on than others, but the bag is a mix of knuckle and marrow bones. 

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