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Ground Beef


Your package of ground beef will contain meat from one animal, and is roughly 85/15. All of our customers say this is their favorite weekly purchase, and makes incredible burgers, meatballs and meatloaf! 

Stew Meat


NBB Stew Meat is cut from the London Broil, Chuck, and shanks. It is full of flavor, and makes for melt-in-your-mouth stew, shish-kababobs, stroganoff, or any other creative recipe you've got! 

Short Ribs

$9.00/ pound

Low and slow is the best way to cook these beauties. With patience, you'll be treated to melt-in-your-mouth beef ribs that are to die for delicious. Check out recipes on the blog for some of our favorite ideas! 



The porterhouse steak is very special in that it is a strip steak still on the bone, with tenderloin too. The difference between a t-bone and a porterhouse steak is the amount, or width of tenderloin attached. This is determined by where along the loin it was cut. The middle portions have wider cross-cuts of tenderloin. 




Similar to a Porterhouse steak, this cut also has a bone, exactly where it gets its name from. It contains less of the tenderloin than the Porterhouse, but is still ideal for grilling.

Rib Steak


A ribeye, but promoted. With the bone still attached, this already flavor filled steak gets an upgrade from the bone and extra juiciness.



My favorite steak! Also known as Delmonico, or appropriately, the cowboy cut, the ribeye has some of the best marbling in the animal, and therefore, a lot of flavor. Cook this steak on the grill, or seared on the stove top.  



A delicious classic. Also known as New York strip, or Kansas City, this steak comes from a muscle that does very little work which makes it naturally very tender. This cut is great on the grill, and served whole, or sliced in your favorite dishes. Check out our recipes for other great ideas!



Rich and delicate, the tenderloin or fillet mignon comes from the prize section of the steer. The back strap does almost no work at all, and creates this melt in your mouth cut.



A family favorite, both for it's size and versatility. Great for the grill or broiling in the oven. We love to marinade this cut in some zesty Italian dressing, or fruity olive oil and sweet balsamic with some thinly sliced onions before grilling! 

Whole, Half or Quarter steer


Buying in bulk is an investment that is worth considering. What does your family spend a week on groceries? Specifically beef. $20? $40? more? A family of 4 can stock a chest freezer with half a steer, about 260 pounds of meat, and eat for almost a year. Beef purchased by the whole, half or quarter is priced by the hanging weight (around 400lbs depending on the size of the animal) at $5.25 per pound. This price INCLUDES cut and wrapped to your specifications. You can have roasts cut exactly how you want them; do you need 3 pounds roasts for your family of 4? You got it. Do you host Christmas Eve dinner for 12? You can get a 10 pound rib roast. How many pounds of ground beef do you go through to make cheeseburgers? Get it packaged in packages of 1,2,3 even 5 pound packs. Do you prefer patties? We can do that too. Do you make your own stock? Take the bones home! What about your pup? Get the liver back with your order. Love your bird feeder? Suet, check! If you are interested in purchasing by the hanging weight, please see the information under "Cut Sheet", and give me a call with any other questions! 

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