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CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture is the link that directly connects

you, the consumer, to me, the farmer. 

When you shop small, you are helping actual people pay actual bills. You are contributing to an ecosystem that's so important in this era of your favorite coffee shop being replaced by a Citibank. Amazon may have convenience, but small business' have heart. You help people continue to make their dreams come true because they work from their heart and soul, not just for a paycheck. 

Grass Close Up

What you DON'T get:

      added hormones


      mass produced animals


Summer 2023 CSA Sign Up Form

Select an option

How does it work?

Empty freezer.

Write check.

Pick up beef.

Be happy.

We are happy and proud to offer another season of CSA boxes! Our CSA will be 3 boxes or shares over the course of the summer season- 1 to kick things off at Memorial Day, another for the 4th, and another at Labor Day. We will email a few days prior to those days to confirm, and you may pick up at the farm by appointment. These exact dates may change by a few days, but we will always communicate and arrange for pick up that is convenient for you!  

What does it include?




Every share will include:

8# Ground Beef

2# Sausage- 1 hot and 1 sweet

1.5-2# Sirloin

2# Kabob meat 

1.5-2# London Broil

1# Steak Tips


You will also receive 3# of prime steaks. Depending on availability, prime steaks include:





How much does it cost?

2 options:

         Pay in full for 3 boxes:         $700

     Pay each box as you go:     $250*

          *your 3# of prime steaks might include an extra sirloin or london broil,

top 4 are not guaranteed. 



> CSA members will get additional sale discounts on purchases for special items throughout the season.

> Members will also receive "specials" not listed above in each box which could include recipes, bonus ingredients from NBB friends, bones, suet, ribs, and other delicious surprises! 

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