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Farm truck
Twin calves, Smokey and The Bandit

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New Boston Beef, LLC is located in the Fabyan section of Thompson, CT and run by Jonathan Eddy on Fabyan Farm. The beef is USDA inspected, all grass fed, have no added hormones and are antibiotic free. 

Phloxy with a milk moustache
One of our favorite re calves, Marigold.

Where can you find New Boston Beef?


History of New Boston Beef

Thompson is one of the largest geographical areas in northeastern Connecticut, also known as the quiet corner. A single town, bordered on 2 sides by 2 different states has a lot of history to offer buffs and non-history lovers alike. Interestingly enough, it has no one single center of identity. Most of the residents here, or their original ties to the town, identify themselves with the village that is closest to them. Thompson has become known as the town of 10 of those villages. The farm, Fabyan Farm, resides in of course, Fabyan, which was originally know as "New Boston". 


Thompson is as far North East as you can go in the state. Bordered to the North by Massachusetts, and to the East by Rhode Island. Thompson is an old factory town, rich with beautiful mill buildings, as well as a railroad and river that run right through its heart. The Quinebaug River runs right near the farm and through much of the land I rent just over the boarder in Massachusetts providing some of the most lush hay ground around. 

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